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Proteins: Plain, Veggies, Pork +$1, Tofu +$1, Chicken +$1.5, Beef +$3, Shrimp +$4 Crispy Pork +$3, Crispy Catfish +$5, Duck +$5

Egg Rolls (2) crispy chicken rolls, cabbage, glass noodle, shitake mushroom. 8

Crab Rangoons (6) cream cheese, celery, imitation crab meat. 9

Spring Rolls (8) fresh rolls, tofu, egg, bean sprout, cucumber, w/sweet-sour tamarind. 8

Satay Chicken (4) grilled chicken skewers, peanut sauce, small side salad w/sweet vinaigrette. 12 CUSTOMER PICK

Gyoza (5) vegan fried dumplings, w/mixed veggies, ground tofu, sweet soy sauce. 8. VEGAN

Dumplings (4) steamed pork and shrimp dumplings, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, chives, sweet soy sauce. 10

Satay Shrimp (6) grilled shrimp skewers, peanut sauce, small side salad w/sweet vinaigrette. 12

Grilled Pork Neck marinated and grilled pork, onion, w/kapi tamarind sauce. 10 CHEF CHOICE & CUSTOMER PICK

Sunshine Beef authentic Thai-style beef jerky, sesame seeds, w/sriracha sauce. 10 CUSTOMER PICK

Kai Tod Thai-spiced & marinated deep-fried half chicken w/kapi tamarind sauce. 12

Tod Mun fried ground white fish cakes, peanut, cucumber, onion, sweet-sour sauce. 11

Grilled Squid char-broiled marinated squid, w/ spicy garlic lime sauce. 11 SPICY, CHEF CHOICE

Moo Ping (4) Thai-spiced marinated grilled pork skewers w/kapi tamarind sauce. 12

Crispy Calamari Breaded deep fried calamari w/sweet- spiced chili sauce. 11

Sai Krog Isaan grilled pork-rice Isaan fermented sausage, peanut, cucumber, chili, cabbage, ginger. 9 SPICY

Raw Shrimp mint leaf, garlic, cilantro, w/sweet spicy garlic lime sauce. 10 VERY SPICY

Grilled Meat Balls (3) mixed fish, pork, shrimp and beef grilled skewers w/sweet spicy sauce. 7.5 SPICY

Cucumber Salad cucumber, cabbage, carrot, onion, sesame seeds, sweet vinaigrette. 7 VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE

Lab Kai minced chicken, lettuce, onion, basil, cilantro, lime dressing. 12 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Nam Tok beef (add $3) or grilled pork tenderloin, mint, onion, cilantro, tomato, lettuce. 11 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE, CUSTOMER PICK


Som Tum Thai papaya, dried shrimp, tomato, peanut, long bean, spicy dressing. 13 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Som Tum Poo papaya, raw salted crab, dried shrimp, tomato, long bean, spicy dressing. 13.5 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Som Tum Poo Plara papaya, mudfish curd, raw salted crab, dried shrimp, tomato, long bean, spicy dressing. 14 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Yum Woon Sen glass noodle, shrimp, chicken, peanut, garlic, onion, chili, cilantro. 13 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE, LESS CARBS

Yum Woon Sen Talay glass noodle, shrimp, squid,mussel, fish ball, mint, cilantro, onion, chili, lemongrass, citrus leaf. 14 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Som Tum Tod deep fried papaya, shrimp, tomato, peanut, long bean, cashew. 14 SPICY

Crispy Onchoy tempura deep fried water crest, shrimp, minced chicken, mint, onion. 14. CHEF CHOICE


Veggie Soup vegetable broth, mixed fresh veggies, garlic, cilantro. 8​ VEGAN

Tofu Soup tofu, mixed fresh veggies, glass noodle, garlic, cilantro. 8​ VEGAN

Tom Yum hot and sour, lemongrass, mushroom, onion, tomato, cilantro, citrus leaf. 8 GLUTEN FREE, Protein Choice

Tom Kha coconut milk, mushroom, tomato, onion, cilantro, galangal, citrus leaf. 8​GLUTEN FREE, Protein Choice

Shrimp Rice Soup jasmine rice, shrimp, Chinese celery, onion, ginger, cilantro. 12​Entree Portion

Tom Yum Pork Leg hot and sour, lemongrass, pork leg, mushroom, onion, tomato, cilantro. 12 SPICY, Entree Portion


(Entree Sized)

Tom Yum Noodle hot and sour, ground pork, BBQ Pork, rice noodles, onion, bean sprouts, Chinese broccoli, fried pork wonton, cilantro. 14 SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK

Boat Noodle beef brisket, beef ball, thin rice vermicelli noodle, Chinese broccoli, bean sprout, garlic, onion, fried pork skin, cilantro. 14 SPICY, CHEF CHOICE

Duck Noodle egg noodle, Chinese broccoli, bean sprout, onion, cilantro, garlic, braised duck. 15 SPICY

Yen Ta Fo spicy yen ta of broth, steamed flat noodle, onchoy, bean sprout, tofu, shrimp, squid, fish ball, fried pork wonton, cilantro. 15 SPICY, THAI PICK

Sukiyaki red chili broth, glass noodle, Chinese celery, napa, onion, cilantro onchoy w/combination of pork, beef, chicken shrimp. 15 SPICY


One Jasmine Rice Free with Most Specialty Entrees​ Brown Rice Substitution +$1.5

Palo star anise, tofu, hard-boiled egg, pork belly. 9 Appetizer-Sized

BBQ Pork bbq pork loin, Chinese sausage, egg, cucumber, rice, cilantro, sesame seeds. 13.5​ CUSTOMER PICK

Kao Mun Kai steamed Hainan chicken, cucumber, rice, cilantro w/spicy soybean sauce. 13​ SPICY

Pork Leg braised fatty pork hock, Chinese broccoli, jasmine rice. 12.5

Kapi Fried Rice shrimp paste fried rice, sweet pork, mango, dried shrimp, fried egg, onion, lime. 14.5. SPICY

Karee Seafood karee curry, shrimp, squid, mussel, fish ball, jalapeno, onion, coconut milk. 16. SPICY

Chili Paste chili paste, onion, dried chili, basil leaf, jasmine rice. 13 SPICY, Protein Choice

Garlic Pepper garlic, pepper, onion, stir-fried with jasmine rice. 13 Protein Choice

Garlic Pork Ribs pork ribs, garlic, pepper, cucumber, green onion, jasmine rice. 12.5

Basil Crispy Pork crispy pork belly, basil leaf, garlic, mushrooms, chili,​jasmine rice. 13 SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK

Basil Pork Leg braise pork hock, basil leaf, mushroom, garlic, chili, jasmine rice. 13 SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK

Pad Phrik Khing Crispy Pork crispy pork, long beans, jalapeno, ginger, red curry, jasmine rice.. 13 SPICY

Tom Sab hot and spicy broth, basil, chili, onion, lemongrass, lime leaf, mushrooms, choice of pork, pork ribs, or beef. 14​ SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Tom Sab Seafood hot and spicy broth, mushrooms, onion, basil, mixed seafood. 15​ SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Basil Preserved Egg minced chicken, crispy basil, preserved duck egg. 14​ SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Pad Ped Catfish crispy catfish, chili, coconut curry, Thai eggplant, basil, young pepper. 15 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE, CHEF CHOICE

Green Curry Omelet green curry, Thai eggplant, sliced bamboo, chili, basil, omelet, jasmine rice. 15 Protein Choice, SPICY, GLUTEN FREE, CHEF CHOICE

Vegetable Combination stir fried mix vegetables, garlic, jasmine rice. 13 VEGAN, Protein Choice

Gaena Som Cha Om sour curry, cha-om leaf, omelet, napa, papaya, jasmine rice. 13 SPICY

Kapi Salsa shrimp paste, chili, fried trout, cha-om leaf, omelet, fried purple eggplant, raw Thai eggplant. 15 SPICY

Cashew cashew, peapod, pineapple, pepper, carrot, onion, water chestnut, mushroom. 13.5 Protein Choice SPICY

Chinese Broccoli stir fried Chinese broccoli, crispy pork, garlic, chili, jasmine rice 13 SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK

Basil Ground Chicken minced chicken, basil leaf, garlic, chili, jasmine rice. 13 SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK

Whole Atlantic Pomfret crispy white fish, garlic, cilantro, sriracha sauce, jasmine rice. 18​ CUSTOMER PICK

Panang Curry sweet peanut curry, pepper, jalapeno, dried pepper, basil, citrus leaf, crushed peanut, coconut milk. 14.5 SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK


Green Curry tropical curry, eggplant, peapod, bamboo shoot, pepper, jalapeno, basil leaf, coconut milk. 14.5 SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK, GLUTEN FREE

All curries come with free jasmine rice.

Jungle Curry spicy red curry, without coconut milk, mushroom, peapod, bamboo shoot, pepper, jalapeno, galangal root. 14.5 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Mussaman Curry sweet potato, pepper, basil, peanut, jalapeno, onion, coconut milk. 14.5 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE

Roasted Duck Curry coconut milk, red curry, roasted duck, pineapple, grape, tomato, basil. 16.5 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE, CUSTOMER PICK

Pad Ped Curry red coconut curry, peapod, basil, pepper, eggplant, jalapeno, protein choice. 14.5 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN

Wild Boar red curry, Thai eggplant, young pepper, wild boar, coconut milk, basil leaf. 14.5 SPICY, GLUTEN FREE, CUSTOMER PICK


Fried Rice fried rice, egg, tomato, onion, cucumber, protein choice. 13. VEGAN/REQUEST NO EGG, GLUTEN FREE

Crab Fried Rice fried rice, lump white crab, egg, tomato, onion, cucumber. 16.5 GLUTEN FREE, CHEF CHOICE

ATK Fried Rice fried rice, egg, Chinese broccoli, tomato, onion, cucumber, garlic, chili, jalapeno, protein choice. 13 VEGAN/NO EGG, GLUTEN FREE, SPICY

Basil Fried Rice fried rice, shrimp, ground chicken, egg, mushroom, cucumber, crispy basil topping. 15 CHEF CHOICE, SPICY

Pineapple Fried Rice fried rice, yellow curry powder, shrimp, cashew, raisins, pineapple, egg, onion, cucumber. 15

Chili Paste Fried Rice fried rice, chicken, shrimp, basil, mushroom, egg, chili paste, cucumber. 15 SPICY


Pad Mee Kati vermicelli noodle, coconut milk, bbq powder, bean sprouts, scallion, shrimp, bbq pork, egg. 15

Lad Nar Empire fried wide rice noodle, Chinese broccoli, ginger, egg, soy brown gravy. 13.5 ​Protein Choice

Lad Nar Seafood stir fried shrimp, squid, mussel, fish ball, basil, garlic, chili, mushroom, wide rice noodle, in a brown gravy. 16 SPICY

Kao Soy yellow curry, egg noodle, conion, sour mustard, crushed peanut, lime, crispy noodle. 14.5​ CUSTOMER PICK, SPICY, Protein Choice

Pad Thai thin rice noodle, bean sprout, egg, chive, crushed peanut. 12.5 Protein Choice VEGAN/REQUEST NO EGG, GLUTEN FREE UPON REQUEST

Pad See Ew wide rice noodle, Chinese broccoli, American broccoli, egg. 12.5 Protein Choice, VEGAN/REQUEST NO EGG, GLUTEN FREE UPON REQUEST

Pad Thai Shrimp Omelot glass noodle, bean sprouts, chili, peanut, shrimp folded into a traditional Thai omelet. 15​ CHEF CHOICE, GLUTEN FREE UPON REQUEST, LOW CARBS

Pad Khe Mao (Drunken Noodle) wide rice noodles, basil, tomato, mushroom, pepper, eggplant, bean sprout. 15 Protein Choice​, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE UPON REQUEST, CUSTOMER PICK, SPICY

Pad Woon Sen glass noodles, egg, onion, peapod, bean sprouts, baby corn, carrot, napa. tomato. 12.5 Protein Choice, VEGAN/REQUEST NO EGG, LOW CARBS

Garlic Noodle egg noodle, garlic, shrimp, chicken, onion, bean sprout, bamboo shoot. 15​ CHEF CHOICE

Spicy Udon Pad Thai thick wheat noodle, egg, bean sprout, scallion, chili paste, jalapeno, peanut. 12.5 Protein Choice, SPICY, CUSTOMER PICK

Singapore Noodle egg noodle, scallion, onion, egg, bean sprout, curry powder. 12.5 Protein Choice

Kuay Teaw Klua Kai wide rice noodle, chicken, onion, ​lettuce leaf. 12.5 Protein Choice



Jasmine Rice 2.5

Brown Rice 3.5

Sticky Rice 3.5

Steamed Veggies 3.5

Rice Noodles 3.5

Peanut Sauce 2


Menu Prices Subject to Change Without Notice 18% Gratuity Charge Assessed on Parties of 5 or More For Dine-In

ATK Welcomes BYOB/Bring Your Own Alcohol Bottle. Wine, Champagne, Beer, Malted Coolers Permitted. No Hard Liquor Please $1.50 per glass corkage fee.

ATK Accepts Cash-Only. No Debit/Credit Cards Accepted In-House. ATM Located Onsite with a $2.5 ATM Processing Fee.

Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke: 1.95 Thai Iced Tea: 4 Thai Iced Coffee: 4 Strawberry Sparkling Soda: 3 Melon Sparkling Soda: 3 Iced Tea Unsweetened: 2 Iced Green Tea: 2 Hot Green Tea: 2 Whole Young Coconut: 7